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  • "Sheetala Mata, Chaukiya"
  • "Shahi Quilla"
  • "Shahi Pul"
  • "Lal Darwaja"
  • "Bhool Bhulaiya"
  • "Collectorate"

District Magistrate

 Shri A.M.Bangari

Well-known for its past and the glory of learning Jaunpur holds its own important historical, social and political status. Studying its past on the basis of panic accounts, rock edicts, archaeological remains and other available facts, the continuous existence of Jaunpur district is seen, in some form of the other, till the Late Vedic Period. The glory of the city on the Adi Ganga Gomti and its peaceful shores was a major pious ground for the meditations and contemplations of sages, Rishis and Maharshis from

where the sounds of the vedmantras emanated. Even today, the Deva Vanees are echoing in temples along the banks of the Gomti in Jaunpur city.

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