Horticulture and Food Processing

Integrated Horticulture Development Mission

Under the Integrated Horticulture Development Mission, operated in the Department of Horticulture and Food Processing, horticulture expansion, onion cultivation in spice program, marigold cultivation in flower development, mechanization in horticulture, protected cultivation etc. Under the scheme, converting traditional crop areas into orchards, producing areas of flowers, vegetables, torches and spreading technical knowledge, synergizing many ongoing programs for horticulture development and making them oriented towards others. To encourage to work is to be developed and disseminated. The basic objective of the scheme is to increase horticulture production, improve nutritional security and help in income generation for farmers. The permissible assistance in the scheme is financed by the Government of India and the State Government in the ratio of 60:40 respectively. The grant is payable completely through the scheme DBT.

Eligibility conditions for beneficiary selection

1. Online registration of the beneficiary is mandatory in the scheme. For registration will be ensured on portal. For registration, the beneficiary needs such as Aadhar Card, Back Passbook, Khatauni and Photo.
2. Suitable land with the beneficiary should be recorded in his own name in the revenue records. If the beneficiary does not have his own land in the revenue records, if suitable land is taken on rent by the beneficiary, then the registered lease deed (project) of the said land for the fulfillment of its objectives and for the time period of utility).
3. The land should be on the side of the road as far as possible, so that marketing and publicity can be facilitated.
4. Irrigation facility should be available as per the requirement of the programme.
5. The beneficiary should have the initial technical knowledge of the related program. The beneficiary should be aware of adopting new technologies and should have interest towards horticulture programmes.
6. The beneficiary should be able to bear the funds and necessary resources to be spent on the related program in addition to the grant money under the mission.
7. The beneficiary should be able to bear full responsibility for the security and security of the programs/infrastructure (wherever it is).

Sr No Name of the Scheme  Beneficiary List  (Year wise)
1 Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH)  Year 2021-22