Couple award for marrying a widow below 35 years of age

Date : 01/12/2018 - | Sector: Government

There is a provision of awarding Rs 11000 / – per beneficiary couple for reinstatement of such displaced women whose husband has died.

Eligibility Criteria/ Necessary Documents

  • Death certificate of former husband, given by concerned Tehsildar
  • Certificate of widow marriage according to the rules of society
  • Husband and wife photo
  • Photocopy of husband and wife’s Aadhar card
  • Husband means a man who is unmarried when marrying a widow
  • Husband is approved once as Rs.11000 / –
  • Husband marry a widow below 35 years of age, an application will be presented for a grant within 01 years of marriage.
  • Husband is not an income tax payer

For more details visit Child and Women welfare


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How To Apply

Visit the Child and Women welfare websites for the procedure to fill form online. One can also visit the Block Development Office or District Probation Officer, Vikas Bhawan for applying.