Atala Masjid


In 1408 A.D., Ibrahim Shah Sharki built the Atala Masjid which came to be considered as the ideal for the construction of the other mosques of Jaunpur. In this mosque, beautiful galleries were built by surrounding it with artistic walls. Its height is more than 100 ft. There are three huge gateways for entrance. The total perimeter of the mosque is 248 ft. Its construction was begun by Feorze Shah in 1393 A.D.

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How to Reach:

By Air

The nearest airport is Lal Bahadur Shastri Babatpur, 50km approx

By Train

It is about 2 km. from Jaunpur Junction, also known as Bhandariya railway station

By Road

About 3 km. from Jaunpur bus stand, many local convenience available to reach here