SVEEP Activity 2021

Students will make the society aware to increase the electoral literacy

After the formation of Electoral Literacy Club in Nehru Balodhyan Inter College Jaunpur, with the objective of increasing the voting percentage under the sweep program, the students and campus ambassadors were informed about the election process in detail to increase the electoral literacy. So that these students can understand the importance of democracy by making their family, nearby areas and other people of the society aware to become voters and to vote in the elections.

On this occasion, District Sweep Coordinator Syed Mohammad Mustafa, while giving detailed information about the electoral system to the students, told that to ensure the registration of all the eligible voters in the voter list and to make  the voters especially handicapped, youth and women aware about voting process. Further, Mustafa while giving the responsibility to the students involved in the electoral literacy club said that on January 1, 2022, those who have completed 18 years of age will have to fill Form 6 and motivate the people of their village and city to become voters. Along with this, more and more people will also have to be motivated to vote by going to the booth on the day of polling. He told about NVSP, Voter Portal and Voter Helpline App that all the information related to election is available on this app, and through this app one can also apply online to become a voter.

The manager of Nehru Balodhyan Inter College, Dr. C.D. Singh said that for a strong democracy, it is necessary that the voters should have full knowledge of the election process and ensure their active participation in it.

On this occasion, the Principal/Nodal Dr. Chandralekha Singh of Nehru Balodhyan Hussainabad, Principal/Nodal of Nehru Balodhan Inter College,  Kanhaipur Jaunpur Priyanka Singh, several campus ambassadors and hundreds of members/students of the Election Literacy Club were present with social distancing.